Oliver Houston — Tough Luck

На портале Videopunk.ru вы можете послушать огненный трек «Tough Luck» американской мидвест-эмо-группы Oliver Houston. Специально для тех, кто любит почитать, мы добавили текст песни.

Текст песни Oliver Houston — Tough Luck

Long night lounging in some long johns
Last bite of your bagel then it’s all gone
The sun is almost hitting my pot of dust
Full with ashes gathered from a Megabus

Landlines, living like the old age
Usually home, but you can always catch me on page
Whoever asked for the time?
I think it’s a quarter to nine, or maybe half past prime
I wouldn’t be surprised
It’s a long life
This is last call
So sure, I’ll say it again
The «best» is never enough
Maybe it’s just tough luck
Either way, I’m alive
At least for most of the time
You know it’s probably tough luck
Sort of like summertime again
Slow and steady straggle behind
Sort of like summertime again
Am I losing my mind?
Then go ahead, walk away
Go ahead, alright