Movements — Moonlight Lines (Official Music Video)

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Текст песни Movements — Moonlight Lines

Light pours in through the window a
Reflecting off the walls
It spells your name and it echoes through hollow halls
It was something in the wind

Made you feel less dangerous
From depths there’s no risk to fall
Ive been desperate to feel at all
It’s safe to admit that we both
Only wanted to spend
The night just to feel less alone
Now what do I have left to show?
Another name to the thread
I never wanted your heart
In the moment we met
I wanted a body to warm my bed
I’ll play my cards but end short handed every time
Cause there’s no way to fill void I left behind
The glass is always empty cause that half of me has died
I’m tossing pennies cause I lost my dozen dimes
It was your symphony that pulled me like the tides
And you could give me everything I wanted for the night
But nothing was the same, the setting sun began to rise
And the sounds were different then
Than they were in moonlight lines
(One night, two lives)
(I’m lost inside)
I needed your warmth in the night
Your composition against mine
Pretending that love didn’t die
My emptiness felt so alive
Eight hours of time