Movements — Garden Eyes (Official Lyric Video)

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Текст песни Movements — Garden Eyes

Is it so perfect now
It’s all you think about
Like you could never do better than this
Are you so insecure

You can’t picture more
Than just the distance between your lips
You keep using him is your remedy
What makes you so sure it was always meant to be
Now it’s pulling strings on my sanity
Cause you’re seeing stars
You’re probably better off just closing your eyes
I see who you are
It’s such a blissful disguise
I could paint your worth across your skin and you’d still never know
How to break the cycle you’re stuck in if you set the bar too low
I think you’re too obsessed
The feeling in your chest
Is always telling you to stay
The reasons on your list
Begin to bend and shift
Cause you’re too scared to walk away
Why am I scolding you?
I know I’m guilty too
Craving perfection in
Somebody else’s skin
At first I feel complete
Until the grass is greener
On the other side
Guessing a second time
How many times do
I have to tell you
Life’s not a picture on a silver screen
It’s time to own up to reality
Caught in your complex
Rewrite the context
Put all the pieces where they’re supposed to be
Set up the scene to fit your fantasy
But nothing in this life is meant to be