Movements — Barbed Wire Body

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Текст песни Movements — Barbed Wire Body

Collect yourself and then your things
A quiet exit to the street
You’re a master of the misdirect
They never notice when you leave

You make a habit
Of being absent
You play it smart
Easy attraction
No second chances
You’re staying sharp
You’ve got a barbed wire body
Always armed up to the teeth
Everybody knows you’re lonely
But if they hold you close
You’re gonna cut too deep
Add a scar when you leave
Stab your heart if it beats
You’ve got a barbed wire body
You hide the devil in the details
And hide yourself the deceit
Stick around until your lungs fail
Make sure you’re out before you bleed
Then you escape
You shift your shape
Repeat the lines
Another time
Another place
Another life
You fool them once, gonna fool them twice
You’re a prisoner of your own device
Play a stupid game, win a stupid prize
Holy Ghost in silver sheets
Heart shaped holes and trails of grief