Miss Vincent — Rosaline (Official Video)

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Текст песни Miss Vincent — Rosaline

Remember and never forget
The pain and the anguish and fear that we’ve felt for years isn’t going anywhere
And you could try but you may not even have to
‘Cause I walked you to your car so we could say our goodbyes

The weight of the world and the tears in your eyes get me every time
I could’ve lied, but I didn’t even have to
Sweet Rosaline; a symbol of lost innocence
And so divine, engraved below my mind
We walked the line and didn’t find a thing by reading signs
So full of love, but out of time
Remember and never regret
A life long since lost and a fear that locked up your head
The same day that you realised that nothing is fair
And you didn’t even want to
But we spend all of our time these days wanting to disappear
I know it’s a problem but I’ve been like this years
I tried to make a change but fell apart
And now I’m scared of what lies ahead
No, there’s never gonna be a time
My heart stops feeling heavy and becomes whole
Maybe it’ll be alright
But I’m low, I’m low, I’m low