Lionheart — Live By The Gun feat. ICE-T (Body Count)

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Текст песни Lionheart — Live By The Gun

When you Live by the gun
You gonna die by one
& we only know pain
I was Born to die

And then Buried alive
In a shallow grave
When you pray for rain you’ve got to deal with the flood
Born in hell so I got fire in my lungs
Hungry dogs bite back
Close your eyes
That’s death around the corner
Hungry dogs bite back
Open your eyes
this life is torture
When you live by the Gun
You gonna die by one
Learn a lesson from the OG
God won’t respond
Now the ski masks on
I’m the last of a dying breed
When you’re in these streets
You keep your enemies close
Pitbull mentality
We go for the throat
Live by the Gun you gon die by one
9mm with a 50 round drum
I am the pale horse, the one you were warned of
Born in the gutter motherfucker that’s where I’m from