Lionheart — Hell On Earth (Official Video)

На портале вы можете посмотреть ох#енный видос / послушать трек «Hell On Earth» американской хардкор-группы Lionheart. Специально для тех, кто любит почитать, мы добавили текст песни.

Текст песни Lionheart — Hell On Earth

Whatcha gonna do when your stomach is empty?
I’m gonna take mine mother fucker don’t temp me
How you gonna live being down in the trenches?
This clip don’t jam and it’s got an extension, now listen

When your past is here to haunt you
La muerte riding shotgun
While you’re living out your rear view
Revenge without forgiveness
Make peace with your god
Yourself and your religion
This is Hell on earth
Born into a life that’s cursed
This is hell on earth
Destined to burn
Dirty weapons, hollow tips, and trench knives
Black hoodie, balaclava, and shaved 9’s
Known affiliates so they don’t talk on phones
But you can get a couple Nike prints on the door outside your home
They’re sitting in a All black regal
and it’s right outside your house
They got on all black ski masks
So you know what they’re about
“Knock knock you better come up out that house,
Or we’re coming in to leave your brains up on the couch”