Less Than Jake — So Much Less (Official Music Video)

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Текст песни Less Than Jake — So Much Less

Maybe I’m branding myself but I just can’t help, I can’t help but question
Why’s it easy these days to catch a case of modern-day depression
Living in the same state but we can’t relate, relate to one another
Maybe I’m outta my mind, but I thought this world would be fine,

But it feels like we’re so behind
Don’t leave me here I’d rather disappear
Than wake up in the same old skin the morning after
It’s not ok, but either way, we’re gonna make it thru today
Cause our differences are so much less than what the man on the TV say
Here’s a conspiracy, it’s them vs me, I’m in the wrong reality
Like someone flipped a switch and my life just glitched but no one can see
Livin in the bad times and bad vibes. Only the jive gonna keep me alive
And there’s a sign that says that the world’s coming to an end
And I almost want to believe them