Knuckle Puck — Groundhog Day

На портале вы можете послушать ох#енный трек «Groundhog Day» американской поп-панк-группы Knuckle Puck. Специально для тех, кто любит почитать, мы добавили текст песни.

Текст песни Knuckle Puck — Groundhog Day

We’re just getting started
And the end is nowhere in sight
The goal posts are farther
And we’re stuck here in the meantime

So this is the difference
Between boundaries and distance
I’m taking them back one by one
Groundhog Day
Nothing of you will remain
Please don’t stay
You overslept
and now you’re all alone
With no safe place
that you can call home
Stop neglecting your health
Just to punish yourself
Or bury your hopes
In a grave if their own
Six feet underground
Climb out
From wherever you are
Climb out and face the music