Hawthorne Heights — Tired And Alone (Official Music Video)

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Текст песни Hawthorne Heights — Tired And Alone

For all those nights I felt like nothing at all
I couldn’t close my eyes, I couldn’t wake you up
For all of the nights I felt it slipping away
Couldn’t stop my heart, nothing left to say

And you can feel the weight come crashing down
And I remember the summer that we met
The winter that you left, and everything between
The years have since gone by, I hope you’re doing fine
And if this finds you well, you save a prayer for me
For all those nights I couldn’t stop my mind
I couldn’t turn it off I fell so far behind
I got lost in the lines, haunted in my head
Driving through the night, never even slept
And I can feel the flame fading out
I’m tired of being tired, tired and alone
You’re not alone