Booze & Glory — Raising The Roof (Official Video)

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Текст песни Booze & Glory — Raising The Roof

We’re ready for the good times!
And we’re ready for those never ending nights
Grab a drink, take your friend to the pit, let’s go wild
And forget about the letdowns from the past
Fuck them! don’t let them last!

And here we are , here we go again
Side by side, all for one, one for all
So join us now bruv, let’s bring the good times back
And raise the roof with our dirty rock’n’roll
You know me well I ain’t started growing up
You can never change me, and I always have it my way
And even if me and my friends end up in hell
That’s alright, all we care about is the fun we have today
They can’t get us, we’re here to stay!
Don’t let them clip your wings,
You’re not the one to follow
Don’t believe in “no” — you can have them all!
Always live your life like there’s no tomorrow
Brace yourself and let the good times roll!