Big D and the Kids Table — New Day (Official Music Video)

На портале вы можете послушать трек / посмотреть клип «New Day» американской ска-панк-группы Big D and the Kids Table. Специально для тех, кто любит почитать, мы добавили текст песни.

Текст песни Big D and the Kids Table — New Day

Knock a-knock a-knock on your woodenhead yeh
It’s time to stop a-stop a-stop your days with kid
Because it’s no alone a lonely life
No more sitting while he tap-ee-taps away on his phone all night

Remember all nights ending with friends, not wasting time in his fights
See, I’m a fan of you
One big-big fan of you
Always believed in you
And I’m relieved that you’re through
But what now, I feel so down
Feel so down, my life feels upside down,
Crashing down
Oi, I think he gave you a gift
That’s right he gave the best gift
Hear me now, hear me now, hear it loud
Because you get to fall in love
You’ve, forgotten you are funny, light and sunny, coolest girl who never cared about cars, cool clothes or lots a money
He got you wound up, like some robot with your mind shut, don’t trust your gut, constantly telling you, “uhck, could you just stop”
Your young self would not hang with this new you
Like you always said non of us should make do
So it’s no longer a lonely, lonely life
Time for you to do all the things that make your life feel bright
It’s time a chapter ended
Time to stop pretending
Cause we all think you’re simply
Highly recommended
New Day