Belmont — Parasitic (Official Music Video)

На портале вы можете послушать огненный трек / посмотреть видеоклип «Parasitic» американской изикор/поп-панк-группы Belmont. Специально для тех, кто любит почитать, мы добавили текст песни.

Текст песни Belmont — Parasitic

I measured out
All the days that it took me to forget about
The anger found
And passed around

I did my part
Damaged from the start
Watched it fall apart
Left me feeling like I’m over it
I’m Stuck within
This(it) never ends
I don’t want it back
Cuz I know that I’ve been dragging slack
But I know I’m gonna feel the slack f
I don’t wanna think about it anymore
I don’t wanna have to pick the pieces off the floor
I just wanna give it back
Nobody wants the flack
So I’ve been sinking slowly tell me what’s so wrong with that
Because we’re all the same
Just try to shed the blame
I think about it all the time I start to feel insane
I’ll waste my breath
Pushing back what’s next
Feels like the walls are closing in
I’ll spend my time
Digging through my mind
Feeling so confined
It’s like the walls are closing in
I don’t wanna hear about it
I’m already losing touch inside without it
Talking to myself I’m abrasive in nature I’ll admit it
Parasitic, I don’t think I’m one to preach about it
I take back
Everything I ever told the world I always lacked
Just Cut Some Slack
I’m attached, to the past, comfort found in backlash
Space it out
I keep on feeling like I’m losing all my room to breath
Just pace about
Losing track, I never knew how much I really couldn’t see