Belmont — Bowser’s Castle (Official Music Video)

На портале вы можете послушать огненный трек и посмотреть видеоклип «Bowser’s Castle» американской изикор/поп-панк-группы Belmont. Специально для тех, кто любит почитать, мы добавили текст песни.

Текст песни Belmont — Bowser’s Castle

Why push me off the edge
When I’ll just go jump off myself
Won’t need your help
Don’t worry I can sink or swim no doubt

My thoughts are turning (running) blurry
It’s the fear of missing out
I don’t think you understand
The weight I used to drag around
I don’t know how to
Break the fall
This time I’ll
Have to lose it all
I guess it’s best to make the call
I honestly just don’t know what I believe
To agree
Missed out on opportunities
That’s a guarantee
I’m so far away from home
But I’ve learned that’s the best place for growth
I look around
I’m standing here all by myself
But standing proud
Six feet under the ground
Just silence now
The voices start to drown
I won’t be found
Feeling safe or sound
Now for the longest of time I believed
That Holding my breath would just go fix everything
I didn’t know how quickly that I would achieve, and repeat
The wasted possibilities
Pushed in front of me
It’s so hard to some growth
When you know you’re only chasing ghosts