7 Seconds — Trust (Live Ashbourne 1985)

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Текст песни 7 Seconds — Trust

Hey now I’ve this feeling
That I’ve never felt before
I know it ain’t cool to say this now
But I can’t help the way I feel inside

Around you I can be the way I am
Be happy, pissed or sad
But the things I always think about
Are of feelings we have shared
‘Cos when we are together there is something
That I have with you, Trust!
And as we’re growin’ closer I can feel it
Flowing out from you, Trust!
I hope you can feel the same way
That I do, Trust!
If there’s one thing down between us
That’s a must, it’s Trust!
Look now, we can share emotion
Something that we both thought was just too tough
Aggression, love and honesty
There could never be enough
All I wanna do is just let you know that I care
And when things get too hard for you
Look back and I’ll be there
You inspire me intensely
Without any doubt
You keep me thinking, help me try
Show that I can do without
With you there’s more foundation
More than any other time
And when it comes to you my heart is true
Until the day I die